Farewell Russia! Goodbye from Lucrezia

Farewell Russia! Goodbye from Lucrezia
28 September 2018

Как время летит! Time flies so fast! It feels like yesterday I was in my room packing all my stuff and preparing to come to Russia. И сейчас вот? And now what? Six weeks have gone by, I seriously can’t believe it, it’s already time to go home. Of course, I am happy to go back to Italy and see my home country again together with all the people I love, but at the same time Saint Petersburg has been my second home for these past six weeks. Sadly, this means that I will have to say goodbye to Liden & Denz and goodbye to this amazing city.

It’s my second time here in Saint Petersburg at Liden & Denz, but while last year I just took Russian language courses in the morning, this time I decided to pick up a working experience as well and I’m so grateful I did this choice! I’ve worked as an intern for six weeks and my job was to write posts on the school’s blog about Russia, learning the language and my stay here. Sometimes I also had to do some translations, and I’ve loved it as it is what I mainly do at my university, so it was a way to put into practice what I have been learning during these years.  It has been so fun! This was such a great experience from many different points of view. The other interns were very nice, it was fun to spend time with them, and Liza, the internship supervisor, was always cheerful and open to talk, so everything turned out as a smooth and pleasant collaboration.

Even if I had already been here, I had time to visit the city, especially during the weekends, but also after working. Did you know that the Hermitage is open till 9 in the evening on Wednesdays? Exactly! And usually it is not even crowded by that time, so I think that’s the best day to visit it if you do not like to encounter huge groups of noisy tourists. I also found my favorite spot to study in the city! It is a tiny bar located just at a two-minute walking distance from the school, Итальянская улица, 27. It looks like an elegant and nice Parisian café. It’s quite and you can get delicious breakfast for a convenient price (I suggest going there during weekends after 12:00, there’s 20% off on the whole menu).

Moreover, I feel like I have been improving my language skills so much over these past weeks. The staff and the teachers at the school are always ready to help you and give you advice about any problem you may have. In particular I would like to say a huge thank you to the teachers Lyubov and Zlata, who made me fell more and more in love with the Russian language thanks to their lessons and their open and cheerful way of teaching. The thing I liked the most is that they didn’t teach grammar only but gave me an insight on Russian culture and world, so going to class was always fun.

I can’t really decide one thing that I liked the most among everything, I just loved this experience!

Without any doubt I’m going to miss Saint Petersburg, its views, marvelous buildings, people, food and everything else. I am looking forward to coming back to this amazing country.

Я буду скучать по тебе, Россия.

Posted by Lucrezia Giudice

Hi! I'm Lucrezia and I will be an intern at Liden & Denz until the end of September and I am ready to share my experience in Saint Petersburg with you!

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