Great news from Europe, come join us in Riga and discover more about beautiful Latvia!

Great news from Europe, come join us in Riga and discover more about beautiful Latvia!
18 June 2020

For those who thought this situation would never come to an end, here some exciting news from Latvia: Liden & Denz Campus in Riga is reopening soon! And it’s really just a matter of two weeks now. The reopening is scheduled for the 29th June! Still not convinced? Here some reasons that will make you want to join of our Riga campus while visiting beautiful Latvia.

We Speak Your Language

First of all, studying in Latvia is a wonderful opportunity for those who have just started getting to grips with the many difficulties of the Russian language. This is because, in addition to Latvian and Russian, many residents also speak fluent English, making Riga a beginner-friendly destination. So, не переживаӣте (don’t worry!). Even if you don’t know how to say something in Russian, you will always be understood if you say it in English.

A Cultural Oasis 

Besides from Russian, Riga has a lot to offer to its visitors. In this gem of the Baltic, past and present blend into one. Next to beautiful Art Nouveau buildings, you will find vibrant social centers, as well as cafes and breweries where you can rest while brushing up on genitive plural’s declension. In this regard, it is impossible not to mention KKc – Kaņepes Culture centre. A social space whose aim is to provide its audience with a regular and versatile cultural program, as well as to encourage the emergence of the local artsy scene. Situated right in the city center, Kaņepes provides its visitors with a space of recreation and entertainment. A platform suited for all kinds of events, from conversations, to exhibitions. 

A Dive into the Past

For those interested in something a bit more classical, Riga also offers a wide selection of museums and art galleries. Among which, the Ethnographic Open Air Museum. An attraction you can’t miss, if you want to learn more about Latvian culture. Established back in 1924, the museum covers 87 hectares of pine forest, making it a perfect getaway from the city buzz. Here, more than 100 traditional Latvian buildings have been carefully transported and rebuilt. Not only will you have the opportunity to have a closer look at traditional Latvian architecture, but also you’ll be able to discover more about Latvian traditions and folklore.

Top Beach Destination in the Baltic

Finally, unlike Russia, Latvia is a relatively small country, which makes it easier to travel around. And since you’re already in Europe, no need for a visa this time! Just a few hours away from the Latvian capital are Tallinn and Vilnius, Estonia and Lithuania capitals respectively. This will give you the chance to visit three countries over the course of just a weekend. But there’s no need to go far. Only half an hour by train from Riga you will find Jurmala, originally a cluster of fisher towns, now a very popular seaside resort. Miles of sandy beaches, pine trees’ forests, eclectic cottages and, obviously, plenty of sun, not quite something you experience everyday in Russia, eh? 

So what are you waiting for? Join our campus in Riga and get your chance to explore this Baltic gem!



Posted by Bianca Canevari

Привет! My name is Bianca and I am currently interning at the Liden & Denz Language Centre in St. Petersburg. Originally from Italy, where I've just graduated in foreign languages.

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