Harley-Days-Festival: interesting for everyone!

Harley-Days-Festival: interesting for everyone!
08 August 2014

Since yesterday and until Sunday you can join the Harley-Days Festival right in the city center! This year over 4000 bikers from Russia and other countries are expected. It is not only popular among motorcycle-fans, but also among the residents and visitors of St. Petersburg.

Besides Hamburg and Barcelona, the Harley-Days Festival takes place in St. Petersburg every year since June 2011. Many of the biggest cities in the world want to host such an event, because it attracts hundreds of visitors. This year, the event gained a high recommendation because it has been included into the Harley-Davidson world calendar for the first time.

The Festival takes place on Ostrovsky Ploschad (площадьОстровского), right to Nevsky Prospekt. Demo-rides of new Harley-Davidsons are organized and everyone who owns a driver’s license for a motorcycle will be able to ride one of these bikes. There will be a stunt show on a specially equipped ground.

The great Motor-Parade, which is about 36 km long, starts at Dvorzovaya Ploschad (Дворцоваяплощадь), goes on over Nevsky Prospekt, the central embankments, Moskovsky Prospekt and ends on Ostrovsky Ploschad. The Motor-Parade of 2013 was recognized as the best parade in Europe! It starts at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday at Dvorzovaya Ploschad.

On Saturday and Sunday there will be a big fair trade at Ostrovsky Ploschad, where you can buy motorcycle clothes, accessories and souvenirs. There will be some performances of musical groups and you can enjoy an interactive program. From 6:30 to 10:30 in the evening there will be a big concert!

So come and join the world of motorcycling!

For more information and a detailed program, please visit: http://harleydays.ru/

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