Hidden Truths about Peter the Great

Hidden Truths about Peter the Great
03 July 2024

Among other Russian historical figures, Tsar Peter I might be at the top of the list. Commonly referred to as Peter the Great, his memory has long survived through history. From his many reforms to unique hobbies, Peter the Great was for sure one of a kind!

Who was Peter the Great?

Tsar Peter I lived between the 17th-18th century and he was the First Emperor of all Russia. Born in the Romanov family, Peter the Great had a big role in achieving the westernization of Russia at the time. He also took great interest in reorganizing the Russian army and improving the state’s maritime authority. Likewise, the absolute monarch dreamed of aligning Russia among the great Western powers.

Guilty of his son’s death?

As we all know, all families have their problems. Unsurprisingly, this seems to also be the case with the Romanovs. Not long after his marriage to Eudoxia, they had their son, Alexei. As we already know, Peter the Great was an avid fan of modern Russia. Although during his reign, Peter the Great’s victories were endless, his son became an impediment. This is because Alexei did not seem to share his views. Nevertheless, Peter the Great was not a present father figure in  Alexei’s life. After hiding away in Austria, Alexei eventually came back to Russia. It was Peter the Great who tracked him down. On his return,  Alexei was put on trial and tortured. Soon after, he died of his wounds.

Peter the Great’s hobbies

To some people’s surprise, the tsar had various interests. Such examples are shipbuilding and medicine. It was the latter that he mostly occupied his time with. Throughout his life, Peter the Great took lessons of anatomy from Professor Frederik Ruysch. As a result, he was able to dissect corpses and perform surgeries by himself. The monarch was interested in teeth. When in the tsar’s company, anyone became a subject for his endeavors. This was especially the case with extracting teeth. As for shipbuilding, Peter the Great would often work as a ship’s carpenter. 

Russian history is for sure captivating. Among many centuries, Russian figures are still mentioned up to this day. Although not always taught in school, there are often things left aside. That is the case with Peter the Great whose personality was certainly unique!

Elena is currently a student at Liden & Denz, Riga

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