Hostels in Riga

Hostels in Riga
14 January 2016

If you are studying in our Language centre in Riga, then this information might not be very useful for you, but if you are in Russia or somewhere else and want to visit this city, then I did some homework for you. When I travel to another country, especially across Europe, I like to review the website HOSTELworld, due to its wide variety of hostels with a range of prices. I have found three good places to sleep for a couple of nights.

There are three hostels where I recommend you to stay according with other travelers’s reviews:

1.- Riga Hostel, located on the downtown of the city (Merkeja street 1), you can reach it walking from three main arrival points shown on their website. The accommodation prices are from 5 euros up to 60, the big difference is because the bigger price is for shared bedrooms with 4 beds and an individual room is around 30 euros. You can choose by the time you book what is more convenient for you. The services include free coffee and tea anytime, tourist desk, free WiFi in all rooms, free luggage storage among others.

Their website is


2. The Riga old town Hostel, it also has WiFi in all rooms, new heating system and AC for summer, there is a pub on the second floor. This Hostel has only 26 beds and gives the facility to book it completely for big groups or a 10 bedroom. The room prices vary from 10 to 30 euros. Contact them on their website and they will be happy to answer back.

3. Doma Hostel, located as well in the city’s downtown, you can reach all the main attractions by foot, but there is also the possibility to organize a tour for you with a guide in English. Breakfast isn’t included and the 12 mixed bedroom costs 13 euros.

All of the offer good quality and service for a modest price. They have kitchen, you can get free brewed coffee and advises with excursions. Nevertheless, all of them have been renovated in the last few years.

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