From Zurich to St. Petersburg – Здравствуйте from Fabio, our new intern!

From Zurich to St. Petersburg – Здравствуйте from Fabio, our new intern!
21 July 2021

Hello everyone! I am Fabio, and this is my first post as a blogger at Liden & Denz.
I study applied Linguistics in Switzerland with Russian as a foreign language and will be interning and studying here at Liden & Denz St. Petersburg for almost three months. This is possible thanks to the attractive “Part time internships (work & study)”- Program that the school offers. The palette of available positions is wide, so make sure to give it a look if you are interested (or even if you are just curious) ?.

When people ask me: “But seriously, of all languages in the world: why choose to learn Russian?!” I answer with an honest: “I don’t know”. I am of the opinion that certain things do not need an explanation; certain things simply come to us as a heartbeat, like an instant thought that flies through a writer’s mind. And listening to that heartbeat can take you far away… like to St. Petersburg, for example!

Contrary to many, I cannot say that I know much about Russian literature, history, culture or music (to mention only a few aspects of my ignorance), but this is precisely why I decided to come to Russia: to learn about our world and what it has to offer. Therefore, this post is (of course not only) directed to all those people who are not yet sure to make that final move, to take that last step. To that, I very humbly say: DO IT. It’s never late to begin a new challenge, start learning new things and exploring exciting countries. And for that, LANGUAGES are that special master-key that opens many doors.

But in order not to make this introduction any longer, I bid you farewell by inviting you to discover with me, over the next dozen weeks, various topics connected to this great country. And to contribute to the interculturality of Liden & Denz, I will be posting blogs in German, English and Spanish.

До скорого!

Posted by Fabio Reyes

Здравствуй! My name is Fabio and I study Applied Linguistics at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland. I am currently interning and studying Russian at Liden & Denz St. Petersburg, which is why I will be keeping you up to date with blogs related to Russia for the next 12 weeks. Stay tuned ?!

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