Всем привет from Lara, the New Intern

Всем привет from Lara, the New Intern
04 August 2017

Всем привет! I’m Lara and I’ll be working as an intern at Liden & Denz in St. Petersburg for a month. I’m 23 and I come from the north east of Italy, more precisely from a small village near the Dolomites. I graduated last year from the University of Trieste in Translation and Interpreting Studies and then I started my Master’s Degree in Translation in Udine. Some of my friends asked me why I decided to study a difficult language like Russian and I keep telling them that it’s a wonderful language and they don’t know what they’re missing.

During these four years at University I always wanted to visit Russia one day, especially because I wanted to improve my language skills and have a new exciting experience in another country. And finally, I did it! Of course, during this month I’m going to miss the sunny days of my country (but not my friends sending me photos from the beach) but I think that this experience abroad will be worth it.

This is my first time in Russia and before leaving Italy I honestly didn’t know what to expect from it. But I can guarantee that just a few days are enough to immerse yourself completely into the St. Petersburg everyday life and you will discover that it is not so different from European countries. On the other hand, there are lots of cultural peculiarities and traditions that you might find “strange” or even funny. I’m a bit scared about Russian food, for example, but at the same time I am curious about trying new dishes every day. I will also absolutely try to visit as many museums and cultural places as I can and maybe do also a short trip to Moscow if I have enough time.

I can’t wait!




Posted by Lara Malacarne

Hello! I am Lara and I'll be interning until the end of August at Liden & Denz St. Petersburg, writing about this wonderful city and the local culture.

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