Latvian Aerodium

Latvian Aerodium
29 December 2015

Whether you have tried or not parachute ever in your life, I also recommend you to go for Aerodium whenever you visit Latvia. This is a wind tunnel that allows you to feel or soar in the air like in a free fall but without the risk of jumping from an airplane.

This vertical tunnel was designed as a simulator for military parachutists and astronauts; it has a specific turbine that works only with an air flow of 200 km per hour in order to make strong wind and make movements similar to skydiving. The first one of these created only for fun terms in 1979 in Canada and a little bit after the idea was taken to Latvia in the city of Sigulda, next to the highway to Riga.

The instructors or coaches for this sport are very professional and always willing to help; they even state that is a dynamic way to train our body, develop balance and coordination ability, it helps to strengthen spinal and different group muscles, and about the experience, you can feel yourself like flying, perform acrobatic movements and enjoy inexperienced emotions.

The instructors had a performance of it during the closing ceremony of the Torino Olympic Games in 2006, where they could fly and demonstrate an acrobatic show at the high of 25 meters.

So, if you are curious about this sport, the only thing that you need to do is to lie down on the vertical wind flow and let yourself go away. Of course, before you decide to jump on it, a preliminary training, around 20 minutes, would be given to you. The only thing you must do is to book your flight in advance; the prices include the equipment’s rent like flight clothes, gloves, goggles and helmet, preliminary lessons, trainer and assistance during your flight.

The place is opened from 12 pm to 9 pm and weekends from 11 am to 9 pm and the prices are depending on the minutes you want, minimum of 2 minutes can cost you 33 euro, however there is the possibility to get a 10% discount with your student card. Check the website for wider information at

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