Let’s cheer for Russia!

Let’s cheer for Russia!
26 June 2014

Tonight we already will see a little final even before the 1/8 finals have started.

Russia plays against Algeria, it’s the last game for both in their group. The situation in that group is quite interesting as theoretically all teams have the chance to reach the 1/8 finals. But of course we want to see Russia in the 1/8 finals!

So which results do we need? In first place all you need to know is that Russia needs a victory against Algeria. If they don’t manage to beat Algeria, Algeria will celebrate reaching the 1/8 finals for the first time in their history. Should Russia win, we still require a little help from Belgium facing South Korea at the same time. If South Korea doesn’t win against Belgium with more than 2 goals difference, Russia reaches the 1/8 finals – but again only if Russia wins its game. So let’s cheer for Russia!

As we are now all set concerning the “technical” details, we are ready go to a bar and enjoy the game in nice company. Here are some pubs located near the city center of Saint Petersburg where you can watch the game:

Barcelona – Барслона
Tara Brooch – Таре бруч
O’Hooligans Irish Pub
Mollie’s Irish Pub Pub
William Bass

Make sure to give the venues a call, to make sure that there are still some free tables available!

The game starts at 00:00 Moscow time.



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