Liden & Denz Moscow : Caroline Steele

Liden & Denz Moscow : Caroline Steele
22 April 2014

Meet Caroline Steele  (25 years old – USA) at Liden & Denz Moscow.
What were you doing in the U.S.?

I was born in California and then I moved to New York to study. Actually I have been in Moscow for a year. I got my master in New York in psychology and then I decided to move here to do some research and to teach English. My master is in psychology and I found « cultural psychology » very interesting, that’s why I m doing my researches here.

For how long will you stay in Russia ? 

I am here now, for more than one year and I would be here until august, and then hopefully I will be accept in a PHD program in New- York. But it is depending on how much founding I get there. So maybe New-York or San Francisco.

Did you travel out of Moscow ?

I have been to Saint Petersburg and to Kazan. I was in some datchas too, around Moscow, and I also took the opportunity to visit  Europe.

What were your impressions about Russia and Moscow before you came here ? Do you feel the same now ? 

Before I moved to Moscow, I visited Saint Petersburg so I knew a little bit about what to expect but I think that Moscow is a bit kind of a Russian New York : very fast, very diverse, people don’t smile a lot. But in general it was a very good experience : probably more diverse that I was expected.

What was the thing that strikes you the most ? 

For me it is a very energized city. Even if I think that Saint Petersburg is more beautiful, I prefer to live in Moscow.

Why did you choose to study at Liden&Denz ?

When I came in Russia, I was working like an English teacher for another English school in Moscow. But I didn’t have time to improve or study my Russian. That’s why I quit and now, I am giving only private English lesson.

I wanted to find a good school in Moscow, so I just actively searching online. I never heard something about the school before the program was really  suitable for me, I wanted something intense.

How do you find your experience at the school ? 

You know, I have been in Russia for a year and my Russian is still not good. But after two weeks and a half I am already seeing that I made a lot progress. I think it is really helpful. I wish I could take this class earlier !

One last word to say to the other students or new ones ? 

Do your homework and also, you can study in class but you should take everything you learn in the class and practice, and don’t be afraid to speak and use what you learn !

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