Live Stream to Moscow

Live Stream to Moscow
27 October 2016

I may be harping on a bit about the theatre scene in Moscow, but bear with me whilst I quickly tell you about something important for all theatre freaks in the Russian capital: you can enjoy the best of theatre, ballet and opera from around the world (and from Britain in particular) in the cinemas! I have been attending theatre via the cinema for a long time in the UK but had no idea that TheatreHD was a big thing in Moscow too. National Theatre Live and other such initiatives allow people from across the UK to access some of the best shows in London in their local cinema, and they also allow us to catch our favourites again once their run is over. The scheme has since become a worldwide phenomenon: in London you can watch plays from New York and operas from Milan and vice versa… with the biggest and best in performing arts such as The National Theatre, The Globe and The Royal Opera House involved, it is an affordable and accessible way to get your culture fix.

This week my flatmate and I went to Formula Cinema on the top floor of the Central Children’s Store (Центральный детский магазин) to watch Frankenstein. Adapted from Mary Shelley’s classic gothic novel, Nick Dear’s play was first brought to life at The National in 2011 by director and creative genius Danny Boyle. Starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller as both Frankenstein and his monster on alternate nights, the show was a sell-out: even all the live stream tickets were sold! Due to high demand the show is still played in cinemas across the UK and even in Moscow with Russian subtitles, normally (and rather appropriately) around Halloween. But this is just one of many incredible shows you can see in Formula and Karo cinemas across the Russian capital. So if you’re craving some ballet, opera or theatre and have missed out on the tickets or are a bit tighter for money this month, try and grab a screening at the cinema. Tickets are more expensive than normal film viewings, but a bargain compared to a London theatre ticket I tell you! So if you’re looking for me between now and my return to the UK, you’ll most probably find me at the cinema, watching the likes of Helen Mirren, Stephen Fry and Tom Hiddleston perfecting their craft.

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Ellie, currently studying Russian at Liden & Denz Moscow

Posted by Ellie

Hi there! I am a Modern Languages graduate from the UK, spending some time in Moscow to get some work experience, practice my Russian and enjoy the city! I hope you enjoy the blog.

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