4 Sushi Bars and Restaurants To Visit in St Petersburg

4 Sushi Bars and Restaurants To Visit in St Petersburg
06 February 2015

Санкт-Петербург ‘St Petersburg’ is a cosmopolitan city and home to many fantastic restaurants which offering varying international cuisine, catering to all tastes. Sushi is particularly popular here, as you will discover from the numerous Japanese restaurants. So, If you have had your fill of блины и пироги, or just fancy some Суши ‘Sushi’, here are just a few of the your options:

1.Две палочки ‘Dve Palochki

Две палочки ‘Dve Palochki’ is a chain of sushi restaurants in St Petersburg (&Moscow), there is one on literally almost every corner of Невский prospeckt ‘Nevsky Prospect’, including one just around the corner from Liden&Denz! This place does very good sushi and boasts one of the biggest menus I have ever seen, also offering pizza, burger, pasta… you name it! But as the name would suggest (translates literally to ‘chopsticks’) sushi is its specialty. Many are open 24/7, offering good wifi- it’s the kind of place that’s great to go for a group lunch after class, meet friends for dinner, or dine solo (& bring a laptop). If you discover that the chopsticks in your packet are gold- congratulations! You have a free meal! This is my personal go-to when I find myself craving sushi (a minimum of once a week). Reasonably priced and the menu is also written in English. Did I mention they also do takeaway?

An English and Russian menu is available online at http://dvepalochki.ru/en/

2. Гинза ‘Ginza’

Гинза ‘Ginza’ is renowned as one of the cities most fashionable restaurants. Looking for stylish and upmarket dining experience? Look no further than Ginza. Located in Petrogradskaya, This was the first Ginza restaurant in St Petersburg from the ‘Ginza Project’. Its high quality sushi is reflected in the high prices. The menu also offers Italian and authentic Uzbek dishes, which may be enjoyed outdoors on the summer terrace (in warmer months).

‘Ginza’, 16, Аптекарский пер, ‘16, Aptekarskiy Pereulok’, http://eng.ginzaproject.ru/SPB


3.Гин-но Таки ‘Gin-no Taki’

Гин-но Таки ‘Gin-no Taki’ is a modern Japanese restaurant in the likewise Chernyshevskaya area of the St Petersburg. The menu boasts offers a wide array of sushi, sashimi and yakitori. With the trendy décor and high level of service, its no surpirise this place comes high recommended. For those of you who would like to have a go at making your own sushi, the restaurant offers a make your own sushi kit to-go!

Gin-no Taki , Пр. Чернышевского 17, ‘Pr. Chernyshevskogo 17′, www.ginnotaki.ru


4.Евразия ‘Evrasia’

Another popular chain, in fact it’s the biggest chain of sushi bars and Japanese restaurants in Russia, is Евразия ‘Evrasia’. Not only offering sushi, this relaxed chain offers various promotions – a happy hour from 3-6pm and home delivery!

You can check out their menu (In English) and list of restaurants online at www.evrasia.spb.ru


Bonus. КИНГ ПОНГ ‘King Pong’

Though not strictly a Japanese restaurant, I feel КИНГ ПОНГ ‘King Pong’ deserves a mention here. The menu is largely Thai and also offers Japanese, Indian and Chinese. Its funky décor, bright colors and relaxed atmosphere, make it a great alternative to other less casual sushi bars in town. Perfect for groups who perhaps cant decide on a specific cuisine, and for those of you who may want a tad more spice in your curry.

King Pong, Большая Морская улица 16, Bol. Morskaya ul. 16′, www.kingpong.ru


But don’t take my word for it… check these places out for yourself!

If I’ve missed your favorite sushi place- please get in touch! I’m always open to new suggestions.


This post was brought to you by Sabina, currently studying Russian at Liden and Denz


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