Loft Project Etagi

Loft Project Etagi
25 August 2015

It is no secret that St. Petersburg is blessed with its vast, indeed unrivalled, classical art collections. In recent years, St. Petersburg began to redefine itself as the centre of a thriving contemporary art scene, which is perhaps best exhibited at the Loft Project Etagi.

What was once an artisanal bakery, the Smolninkij khlebozavod, is now home to one of St. Petersburg’s most exciting modern art galleries. Each floor of the converted five-storey factory offers a different insight into some of the most innovative art exhibits in St. Petersburg today. Perhaps its greatest charm is that the building retains many of its original factory fittings whilst housing projects from Piter’s most promising artists; at its very heart is a meeting of old and new.

Current projects include “Icons of the 1960’s-80’s” and “Peterburgskii Alfavit” (Petersburg’s Alphabet). The former is a photo exhibit presented by the Loft Project in tandem with the Lumiere Brothers Centre for Photography. In this exhibit, you can see more than three hundred photos of beloved and well-known Soviet cultural figures, namely actors, directors, athletes, writers and scientists. This project focuses on the genre of reportage portrait. “Peterburgskii Alfavit” explores what Petersburg signifies to each individual through word association. The project features illustrations using different media, including pencil, liner and even mascara, lending new meaning to “rethink your lash look”. The repertoire is always changing so no one visit to the Loft Project is the same.

For those who might feel out of touch with the contemporary art scene, fear not, there is something at the Loft Project for you. If you fancy a slightly different shopping experience, «Мыльная Белка» sources clothes from Russian designers and young foreign brands, selling them close to a mass market price. Its aim is to sell unique, individual clothes at an affordable price. You can take a break from shopping and the exhibits at the “Café Green Room” restaurant, which prepares delicious dishes with locally sourced ingredients. The “Sever Bar” is a place for you if you like post-punk, rock and vintage sounds. During the summer, the roof is transformed into a public garden, offering great panoramic views of the city.

The roof is not only used as a garden, but doubles as a great live music venue. Each weekend in the summer, the Loft presents Музыка на крыше (Music on the roof). Who doesn’t want to listen to live music whilst taking in spectacular views of St. Petersburg? Head over to the Loft this Friday to see Naadya perform. Naadya is a relatively new group whose debut single «Пираты» (Pirates) was released in 2013. Since then, the group has become one of the most talked about musical phenomena in Russia. Tickets are between 500 and 1500 roubles and can be bought on the website.

So if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of Ligovsky Prospekt, there is no better place for you than the Loft Project Etagi.

Photo credit: Steph Spreadborough

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