Must-see sights and hidden gems in St. Petersburg – The Summer Garden

18 June 2013

Positioned on the south banks of the Neva, and only a five minute walk from the Church of the Spilt Blood, the Summer Garden (Лeтний сад) offers a wonderful way to spend some time in contemplation or just enjoying a stroll with a friend. Whilst the garden delivers you from the hustle and bustle of St. Petersburg, the cover of the trees presents a much needed respite from the unpredictably hot Russian weather.

The garden was completed by 1719, around 15 years after it was supposedly commissioned by Tsar Peter. The site has remained largely unchanged and unaffected throughout the constantly varying backdrop of the past 300 years. The garden we see today is the outcome of the work of many foreign architects and gardener, with particular acclamation being laid at the feet of the renowned French architect Jean-Baptiste Le Blond. Nowadays the sculptures which line the paths and gardens are replacements for the originals, which were moved indoors in the late 20th century. The original sculptures were exclusively the work of a group of highly regarded Venetian artists; however the better conditioned replicas offer a convincing likeness to the 18th century creations.  Although a visit to the Summer Garden is not at the top of everyone’s plans whilst visiting St. Petersburg, the densely wooded park proposes a satisfying contrast to much of the city.

On Wednesday 19th of June, a tour of the city entitled “the October Revolution in St Petersburg” will pass through the Summer Garden and will provide you with the opportunity to experience the sight for yourself. The excursion will take place from 17:00 in Liden & Denz, commencing with a brief lecture on the events of October 1917. This excursion offers a unique opportunity to view the city and realise the manifestations of the October Revolution.

James Fox is an English student, a current intern and studying Russian at Liden & Denz St. Petersburg

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