Hello from Federico, the new Italian intern in SPB!

Hello from Federico, the new Italian intern in SPB!
09 April 2019

Всем привет! Let me introduce myself: my name is Federico and I am a new intern at Liden & Denz in St Petersburg. I’m from Italy, Milan and I’m an Interpreting and Translation graduate back in my home country. Hence my trip to Russia, so as to perfect the language. Truth be said, back then, when i decided to start studying Russian, I had no clue of the language and the culture, I just followed my gut. But now, after three long years and several trips to this beautiful country, I can say that I have no regrets because I find both Russian culture and language absolutely fascinating.

What’s more, I fell in love with St. Petersburg, which I consider one of a kind being not only a city full of historical sites, but also the one with the liveliest and most vibrant atmosphere among those I have visited so far.

What else? Since this is not my first ride, as you may understand, and I am language addict, I would like to give some pieces of advice to those who are about or would like to approach Russian.

First and foremost: DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED. I know that one may feel low as Russian comes off a little tricky sometimes, but, personally, that is what i like the most: the sheer joy one feels when, after so much struggle, they finally get the hang of it.

Then, from my personal experience, I can say that the best thing to do in order to truly boost your Russian, is to come live here, which for sure involves going out of your comfort zone and constantly putting yourself to test from many different points of view (e.g. If you plan to come here between October and April the weather is a case in point). But, at the end of the day, you will see that it would be really worth it.

To conclude, i would like to share some information about me: I’m a TV series junkie who loves to go to the gym and to play sports, mostly football and volleyball, in his spare time. And, last but not least, I love food and travelling unconditionally. 

So, that being said, I warmly invite you to stay tuned since the blog is constantly updated with amazing content… THAT’S A WRAP!

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