Hello from the new Italian intern

Hello from the new Italian intern
08 August 2017

Привет! My name is Krizia and I’m the new intern at Liden & Denz in Saint Petersburg.
I’ve been studying Russian for 4 years and I’m currently attending a MA in Specialised Translation at the University of Trieste.
I love travelling, cooking, writing poems and making new friends. My dream is to become a literary translator. In fact, the reason why I decided to study Russian is literature itself: I wanted to be able to read Russian classics in their original language.
This is my fourth time in Russia. I was au pair in Syktyvkar, I attended a Russian language course in Petrozavodsk, I studied at the Moscow State University for two months during the bachelor’s degree and now I’m here in Saint Petersburg. But I never get tired of this wonderful country: its colours, flavours, traditions always impress me as if it was the first time!
I’m very excited because I’m going to spend two months in Saint Petersburg, studying and working, living the city (and its sudden rain) and I am sure that this experience will give me the chance to improve my language skills and, above all, that it will enrich me as a person.
During these two months I’ll try to visit as many museums and cultural places as I can. I’ll probably gain weight because I can’t resist пирожки, Russian food in general or Georgian cuisine. And, of course, I want to go to Moscow… where I left my heart!

Posted by Krizia Zappalà

Hello! I'm Krizia from Italy, I'll be interning at Liden & Denz in Saint Petersburg until the end of September. I hope you'll enjoy the blog and find useful informations about this wonderful city!

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