Peterhof’s Fountains

07 August 2013

Situated 45 minutes away from St. Petersburg is Peterhof (Петергоф), a small village and home to the Peter the Great’s summer palace. One of the most beautiful attractions in the vast complex of Peterhof is its magnificent fountains. Built in the first half of the 18th Century, they are located in the grounds of the estate.
The water complex includes a Grand Cascade in Louis XIV-style. The cave also contains a museum of the fountains. This exhibition offers a good insight into the water system in Peterhof.
The Fountains of the Grand Cascade are located at the base as well as both sides of the grotto. Their water flows into a pool right down to the end of the Sea Channel (Морской канал).
In order to commemorate Russia’s victory over Sweden, the Samson Fountain (Фонтан “Самсон”) was placed in the middle of the pool. The fountain depicts Samson opening a lion’s jaws. This image is symbolic in two ways: the lion is part of the Swedish coat of arms, and the greatest victory over Sweden took place on Samson’s day.
The oddest thing about the fountains in Peterhof is perhaps the lack of pumps to eject the water. The pressure driving the fountains is actually created by the height difference between them and their natural springs. For instance, a four-kilometers long aqueduct draws water to the Samson Fountain from a higher source.
You should not miss the opportunity to see Peterhof and its unique water complex, since it is one of the most stunning views you could experience while visiting St. Petersburg. A Liden & Denz excursion there is already planned for this coming Saturday. For more information check the Liden & Denz activity calendar:

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