Raw Garden Riga

Raw Garden Riga
13 December 2016

In this Blog article I would like to present you a very interesting and delicious place to eat. Raw garden is a chain of restaurants and food stores in Riga, founded in 2011. The philosophy of Raw Garden is all about natural and healthy food.  Additives, preservatives, colorants, trans fats, white flour and sugar are not used.

They advertise their food as rich in nutrients, in stead of calories, and are proud of only using pure and fresh ingredients without adding anything artificial. It’s not only about the food it’s about a healthy lifestyle and well-being. Their dishes are suitable for flexitarians, vegetarians and vegans and do not contain lactose or gluten. The daily menu is either a hot or a cold, raw dish. It is served everyday from 11:30 to 16:00. They also offer a wide selection of fresh smoothies, freshly squeezed juices and matcha tea drinks. They even serve wheat grass and ginger shots as a very concentrated form of natural energy.

At the moment Raw Garden consists of 3 branches, 2 restaurants and 1 health shop. The concept Raw garden is relatively new but seems to be very successful. They are expanding and opening new stores in Riga. At the Raw Garden shop, you can buy plant food products known as “Superfoods”. Superfoods are products whose nutritional value is exceptionally high, concentrated and powerful. Examples are Goji berries and Mulberry, Chia, Quinoa and Hemp seeds, Spirulina and Chlorea algae, Hemp and Pea protein. If you are a committed vegetarian, or simply want to try a new and unusual experience, Raw Garden is definitely one of the best options in Riga. They offer catering services and organized cooking classes in which you can learn how to cook raw food and prepare delicious meals. Raw Garden also gives classes where you learn how to make chocolate, truffles and chocolate drinks.

The restaurant has a very cosy interior and attracts all kinds of people. The staff is very friendly and happy to provide you with more information about their wide range of offering of food and drinks. I was amazed by the taste of the food. Especially the self-made deserts were super delicious!


Matthias Thöny, currently studying Russian at Liden & Denz in Riga

Posted by Matthias Thoeny

My name is Matthias Thoeny and I am from Switzerland. I am studying Business Administration at the University of St. Gallen. My mother tongue is German. I started learning Russian three years ago at university and continued self-studying. Last summer I already spent 7 weeks at Liden & Denz in St. Petersburg and I really enjoyed my stay in this beautiful environment. I started my Internship at Liden & Denz in Moscow in September and now I am working in St. Petersburg. I hope you enjoy reading my blog articles.

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