Review: Cafe Ukrop (Malaya Konushennaya Ulitsa 14)

Review: Cafe Ukrop (Malaya Konushennaya Ulitsa 14)
10 April 2014

At a glance:

  • Caters for Vegans and Vegetarians
  • Friendly staff
  • Small (but perfectly formed) portions
  • No smoking
  • Wi-Fi
  • Good coffee.


Further to my post about Veggie food in St Petersburg I thought I’d add a review of one of my favourite veggie cafes: Ukrop.

Situated just off Nevski Prospekt near Kazan Cathedral, Ukrop is the perfect place to pop in for a bite to eat after exploring the Hermitage and the mix of tasty, healthy food and a light atmosphere make a welcome change from Nevsky’s endless string of чайная ложка, теремок and кофе хаус.

The English-language menu and staff who are only too happy to speak English makes it an ideal place to take visitors. They’re also great about food allergies and intolerances!

Whilst some of the tables are very close together and you feel like the world can hear your conversation, the cafe also seems to attract very friendly locals and so it’s easy to get chatting to Russians.

When it comes to the food you can only praise the immaculate presentation (the balsamic glaze on my risotto resembled a Mondrian) but portions have clearly been designed for teeny-weeny baby mice and so calling anything a main course is a bit far-fetched.  On balance, however, the free water is a welcome rarity in St Petersburg, they have good Wifi and I got a heart in my coffee.



Малая Конюшенная, 14

(812) 908 3052


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