View The City From Anew: Riverboat Tours in Riga

View The City From Anew: Riverboat Tours in Riga
07 July 2015

View The City From Anew: Riverboat Tours in Riga

Riverboat tours are one of the best ways to view the city.

Riga is well known for its historic centres, lots of churches and medieval, historical buildings. Since it’s not a huge city one can easily do sightseeing and reach the main places just by walk. The Dugava River and several canals run across Riga, and in summers these waterways get really busy.

Going on riverboat tours is a way to see the city from a new, stunning perspective and enjoy a relaxing trip on a boat. During the cruise along the Dugava River you you’ll see Riga’s famous landmarks as the Monument of Freedom, the Latvian National Opera House, the University building, the Central Market, the National Theater. In addition you will pass under the many bridges of the Riga Canal and be surrounded by parks and gardens. What’s more you will get one of the most outstanding view of the Old Riga from the water. This one-hour tour costs around 7 euro and the riverboat cruise departs every hour from 11.novembra krastmala.

If you want to try something more special you can go on a boat trip on a 100-year old wooden launch. The one-hour cruises run between 10:00 – 20:00. They start at Bastion Hill, ride along the Riga Canal, the Daugava River and then return to the original embarkation point. Besides along the way it’s possible to get off at any of the other stops. These boat trips are a little more expensive: 18 euro for adults and 9 euro for children.

At Bastion Hill it’s also possible to rent pedal boats or row boats and sail on the Riga canal.

Riverboat trip are only possible from April to October, so if it happens to you to visit Riga during this time it’s definitely a must do !

For information about riverboat trip visit:

Riga by Canal!news

Riga Cruises

Photo by Pudelek / CC BY

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