Escape to the seaside in the city centre

20 August 2013

 You’ll start to doubt whether Dunes (Дюны) truly exists as you wander through the grim industrial estate just off Ligovsky Prospekt (Лиговский Проспект). Have a little faith because just a few steps away you’ll find a beach bar hangout great for a chilled evening with friends in the summer. Outside is a paddling pool, sand, deckchairs and hammocks to recreate the holiday atmosphere in the centre of the city. Inside is a small bar with cosy seating for when the sun isn’t quite so bright. You can polish your racket skills with a couple of games of table tennis or just enjoy a drink under a sun umbrella. On Fridays and Saturdays things really get going with live music and themed parties.

проспект Лиговский, 50

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