Russian cuisine: Varenichnaya N° 1

Russian cuisine: Varenichnaya N° 1
27 April 2016

Russian cuisine: Varenichnaya N° 1

As I am from Italy, I think that food is a really important part of the culture of a country. For this reason, it’s impossible to understand Russia’s history and traditions without having tried typical Russian cuisine (kuchnia).

Since I’m in Moscow for one month, I had the occasion to try some famous Russian restaurants and the one which I liked the most is Varenichnaya N°1 (Вареничная N°1). It is a network of restaurants and for this reason you can find many of them around the city (and also in Saint Petersburg).
Opening the door, you’ll have the impression to be back in time. Each Varenichnaya is set up as an old house of the soviet time: retrò chairs and tables, vintage sofas and many second-hand books. Furthermore, on the old television are always broadcasted old russian movies and cartoons such as the famous “Three Bears” (Три медведя). In order to make the atmosphere more dynamic, the walls are covered with old pages of newspapers, covers of famous vinyl discs and guitars.
The setting is really important but the food is much more. Their speciality is, as the name already tell, vareniki. It is a typical dish from Ucraina composed by dumplings, filled with a great variety of ingredients, both savory and sweet. Varenichnaya is the restaurant with the biggest choice of vareniki: they have almost 20 types! But their cuisine is not all about vareniki. In the menu, you will find also a big assortment of salads, soups, meat, pancakes and desserts. Everything is so вкусно (good)! Moreover, the price is really affordable (from 100 to 500 rubles).
I thinks it is a really good (and tasty) way to experience the real russian world. I recommend everybody to try it!

And then let me know what you think about it!

До скорого… и приятного аппетита!


This blog was brought to you by Elena, an intern and a student at Liden and Denz

Posted by Elena Bianchini

Hi everyone! My name is Elena and I’m a young italian student actually based in Moscow. I just got my graduation in languages and economics. I can speak English, Russian and Spanish. I’m really interested into traveling and exploring new places. So I decided to spend four months in Russia, studying at the Liden & Denz Centre of Moscow, in order to improve my russian and reach a good level of speaking. In future I would like to work in the commercial sector connected with the russian market. Furthermore, I love every aspect of the russian culture and I would like to analyze it deeper. I’m really interested into the history and the traditions of this country. I’m here in Moscow just from one month and I’m already in love with this city!

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