Russian farewell – До свидания!

Russian farewell – До свидания!
12 February 2016

Russian farewell – До свидания!


Time has come say Russian farewell. Three months went like nothing, and time flew away. I’ll tell you shortly my impression, when I came back to school I was very excited and nervous because I was not a regular student anymore. I had to write after class articles about specific subjects and I didn’t know how to start, after a week I felt better and more confident, and I started to write in advance in order to plan my next posts, I had a classroom for me and it felt like a cozy office.

As per lessons, I can say I achieved my target in this short-term, I did my Russian certification and learned more about the country, the lessons make contribution for this. However, let me tell you that I was refusing to read articles due to its difficulty, but nowadays I’m not afraid to them anymore. I can read, talk, order food, read the medicament’s instructions in Russian, I’m happy with my little success.

Me and the other interns have post articles about restaurants and Cafe in Moscow and St. Petersburg that might be useful for you. On the other hand, you can use the application foursquare which will make suggestions according to your location. You can look around your area and go for a walk, explore the streets – it is the best way to get to know the city!

Whenever you choose to come, take care of your health, otherwise you can have the inconvenients that I had (you wouldn’t like to have a cold for more than two weeks).

I am very thankful with the teachers, my supervisor and the staff for allowing take part of this program.

I wish you success in your studies at Liden and Denz.

Всем пока, и удачи.



This blog was brought to you by Eliant, an intern and a student at Liden and Denz. 

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