Saint Petersburg on two wheels: bike rental and more

Saint Petersburg on two wheels: bike rental and more
08 August 2019

Renting a bike in a new city is always a challenge, but it’s something that can make your visit much more memorable and fun, since a bike can remove the constraints of public transportation and can help you to see the city from an other perspective. On two wheels, you can get closer to the city, so looking for reliable ways to rent bikes is a must-have for any sports-loving traveller. In this article, you can read about some of the best ways to rent bikes in Saint Petersburg.


Велогород is Saint Petersburg’s official public bicycle-renting system, which is available for Russian citizens and for tourists as well. You can borrow those city-bikes from 95 stations all around the city and you can return them to any of those stations after your trip. After a successful registration, you can rent any bike via the Velogorod application (Android / IOS), their website or with the help of their SMS service (only works with Russian providers). A single ride costs 49 Rubles and after the first 30 minutes, every additional 30 minutes costs 49 Rubles. But there are altogether 5 tariffs, including a daily, a weekly, a monthly and two seasonal options. All the information about the tariffs and renting can be find on their website in Russian and English.


Velodrive is one of the biggest net of bike stores in Saint Petersburg. You can rent all kind of bikes: standard, mountain bikes, road bikes, bikes for children, tandem and even rollers. All their vehicles are new and in a good condition. There is also a big plus: if you fall in love with one of their bikes, and you decide to buy it, you won’t need to pay for the rent.

Their most favorable tariff is 100 Rubles / hour, or 500 Rubles / day.

Address: ул. Сикейроса, 1А

Telephone: +7 (921) 906-54-70



Skatorokat is one of the city’s oldest bike rentals. They offer classic foldable bikes, which are really comfortable to use in big cities. Their prices are relatively fair, and you can even rent bikes for the night, too, which is especially cool during the White Nights.

You can rent bikes from 150 Rubles / hour or 400 Roubles / day.

Address: Гончарная ул., 7

Теlefon: +7 (812) 717-68-38


James Cook Pub & Cafe

Yeah, I know, it’s not a bike rental place, it’s just a pub. But that’s the best thing. You can have a tasty meal, a coffee and than you can hit the road with one of their bikes, since this place is not only a pub, but a bike rental, too. They work with an array of vintage-looking bikes, which fit very will to Saint Petersburg’s image. They biggest adventure over the other options is their unique atmosphere.

You can rent bikes from 150 Rubles / hour or 2000 Rubles / day.

Address: Шведский пер., 2

Тelephone: +7 (812) 951-22-02



RentGo, besides bikes, offers an array of other options. You can rent rollers, electric rollers, roller-skates for favorable prices. The more you rent, the cheaper it will get, but there are only 2 hours, 4 hours, daily or 24-hours rent options. The rental itself can be found right in the city centre.

A bike for 2 hours can be rented for 250, a roller for 200, an electric roller for 500 and a pair of roller-skates for 200 roubles. For more information, check out the site.

Address: ул. Константина Заслонова, 18

Telephone: +7 981 689 92 23


Rent from Hostel Друзья

The set of hostels ‘Друзья’ can be found all around the city. In the past years, they started a bike rental service. From 2017, they offer the rental of rollers, too. The rental service is not only for the guests of the hostel, so every one can enjoy they purse-friendly services. From Monday to Thursday they even offer a 10% discount (if there’s no national holiday).

Bike rental for an hour costs 150 Rubles, but the mor you rent, the cheaper it gets. For 2 hours, you have to pay 250 Rubles and every additional hour will cost 50 Rubles. Rental for 24 hours costs 500 Rubles.

For more info, check out their website:


The prices and other conditions might change from the ones shown in this article, so before use check the official websites and make decisions based on the information there.

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