Shakespeare Theatre Festival

17 March 2014


Dedicated to William Shakespeare’s 450th birthday, the Avrora cinema has been playing video screenings of performances of staged plays. Many of Shakespeare’s most famous comedies and tragedies have been performed by English theatre companies in some of the most famous theatres in the UK and now you can see them too!

If you missed out on being able to see plays such as Much Ado About Nothing or Coriolanus, you’re in luck, as the final few showings have been announced: there are six shows of four different plays running until the end of March.

If you like Shakespeare’s tragedies, we can definitely recommend Coriolanus, featuring Tom Hiddleston as Coriolanus, an incredible performance that has been nominated for an Olivier Award this year, one of the highest accolades a thespian can achieve! Coriolanus is playing on the 25rd of March at 19.30 and on the 30th of March at 19.00.

For those who love a good history, try Henry V on the 28th of March, which tells the story of war and piece through the romantic tale of Henry’s campaign to recapture France.

If comedy is more your thing, The Taming of the Shrew on the 21st of March at 19.30 and the 23rd of March at 19.00, will definitely entertain, as Shakespeare’s most outrageous comedy features a couple determine to confuse and outwit each other the entire way through. Be prepared for a controversial conclusion!

The other comedy playing is Much Ado About Nothing, which happens to be my favourite Shakespeare play, can be seen on the 22nd of March at 19.30. This comedy tells the tale of two couples: Claudio and Hero who are madly in love, and Benedick and Beatrice who eventually fall in love after two acts of insulting each other!

All plays are in English with Russian subtitles and tickets cost 600 roubles each. You can purchase them from the Avrora box office.

The full schedule and more information on each play can be found here.


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