Shared-flats available for August and September

22 July 2010

We are happy to announce that we still have some vacancies in our shared flats for August and September. Please see dates below for details:

Vacancies Liden & Denz Language Centre Moscow

  • from 29 AUG till 05 SEP – 1 single room
  • from 05 SEP till 26 SEP – 2 single rooms

Vacancies Liden & Denz Language Centre Moscow Saint Petersburg

  • from 08 AUG till 15 AUG – 1 single room
  • from 22 AUG till 29 AUG – 1 single room
  • from 05 SEP till 12 SEP – 2 single rooms
  • from 12 SEP till 19 SEP – 1 single room
  • from 19 SEP till 26 SEP – 3 single rooms

For further information please feel free to contact our booking department at: [email protected].

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