Sixty – Dinner Above The Roofs at Moscow City

Sixty – Dinner Above The Roofs at Moscow City
11 November 2016

Are you also a fan of great views and collecting memories and pictures above the roofs? Well, I really love being at the top of buildings, especially when it offers a great possibility to have dinner there.

Moscow City

Last weekend I went to Moscow, and already on the way there in the train, I knew what I am going to do on my first day: visiting the Moscow City! But I do not mean the city itself, I mean the International Business Centre, which is meanwhile one of the most famous places of the city. It consists of numerous and beautiful buildings, including six skyscrapers!

The International Business Centre Moscow City is located in Presnensky District of the Central Administrative District of Moscow. It offers a place which combines business, living, shopping and recreational areas. Already in 2014, the volume of investments in Moscow City amounted to $12 billion!

Restaurant Sixty

To visit this awesome place, me and my friends decided to go to the restaurant “Sixty”, which is located on the 60th floor in the Federation Tower. Sixty is part of the Ginza Project, thus I was really looking forward. Fortunately, we reserved a table in advance. I think otherwise, it would have been almost impossible to get a table on the weekend. The restaurant is very glamorous and modern but simply breathtaking!

Of course, the best thing is the view. It is simply amazing how far you can see Moscow and its buildings. The menu was like the atmosphere of the restaurant – luxurious, thus the prices too. I ordered homemade spaghetti with crab, it was really delicious but in my opinion, a bit too expensive for the size of the portion.

Still, I would recommend Sixty for a dinner at night even when it is kind of expensive. Simply because of its awesome atmosphere, and especially the gorgeous and priceless view of the city is totally worth it!


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