Want to Boost your Russian Vocabulary? Try Soviet Movies Online!

Want to Boost your Russian Vocabulary? Try Soviet Movies Online!
23 February 2022

About the site

Want to boost your Russian vocabulary?  Need to boost your listening and vocabulary skills?  Want to immersive yourself into Russian culture?  Or do you just want to expand your cultural horizons and learn about Soviet and modern Russia?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you need to use Soviet Movies Online!  They are a Russian film website designed to help you learn Russian by watching movies.   This site has a multitude of Soviet and post-Soviet era filmography to keep you satisfied for years!


Learn Russian by watching movies:

Why is it important to supplement your language studies with audio-visual materials?  There are a number of studies that have shown watching audio-visual materials in the language you are trying to learn will help students learn their desired languages faster. According to Soviet Movies Online, learning new vocabulary has never been easier with their website!

            If you are currently learning Russian, in order to improve your listening (and therefore conversational) skills it is important you spend some time watching Russian media in the Russian language.  You will get a feel for how the language is spoken, you will learn new vocabulary, and you will gain a deeper understanding of the Russian culture.

            If you are not studying Russian, I still recommend watching Russian media.  There are a lot of misconceptions about this country and a great way to learn about what real Russian life is (and was) like is to watch their TV series and movies.  You will learn a lot you didn’t know about Russia!

My personal experience:

            Sites like Netflix and Youtube have Russian films, but they are not focused only on the viewer’s experience of learning Russian. And with mostly just English translations there is a high probability they do not have closed captions in your native language.

            This is where Soviet Movies Online comes in.  The site is focused purely on providing the watcher with Russian films translated into a multitude of different languages.  And you can filter based on genre, time period, director, and subtitles.  They have movies with subtitles in over 30 languages!


Soviet Movies Online:

In order to access the movies, the site requires a subscription of $4/day, 15$/week, $30/mo, $100/lifetime.  If you are uncertain if you will like a movie, you can preview the first 10 minutes to decide. And with over 800 Russian and Soviet movies, I’m sure there will be plenty of incredible movies for you to watch!

The site is easy to use and incredibly straightforward because there is little to no hassle involved.  The toughest part is going to be choosing a movie! If you need help choosing a movie then you should read the following Liden & Denz article to learn about 5 Russian Movies you Must Watch! I am sure you will be able to boost your Russian vocabulary in no time!


This post was written by Benjamin Bladow, currently studying Russian at Liden & Denz St. Petersburg. Sponsored by Soviet Movies Online.


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