Spotted By Locals

06 November 2013

This week’s app review isn’t exactly going to be an app review, but rather a website review, which also has a mobile app. The website (and corresponding app) is called spotted by locals and is one of the best St. Petersburg (or many other cities for that matter) guide out there.

The website is essentially an international travel blog, which features articles posted by (you guessed it) locals from that particular city. In the case of St. Petersburg, the posts are written by five locals about anything and everything from local events, clubs, bars, restaurants and much more! The best thing about this, is that the places the locals write about are not simply the popular tourists sites, but rather places which only people who have spent a great deal of time in the city know about. This allows you to appreciate every little thing the city has to offer by getting off the beaten path.

As for the mobile app, it offers all the features as the website by downloading the city guides and updates periodically. Unfortunately, the app is free, but the guides are not. But, the guides are all very cheap and if you want the mobile and offline capability, you may find it worth purchasing the mobile guide.

Overall, I recommend this website for anyone coming to St. Petersburg, that wants have an experience different from that of most tourists and visitors to the city. And especially to students of Liden & Denz who will study for longer terms.

Advantages: great source of information and ideas for free time

Disadvantages: mobile app is not entirely free


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