Standing Room Tickets for the Bolshoi Theatre

11 February 2014

The Bolshoi Theatre has recently announced that they’ll be releasing “standing room only” tickets for the next season in Moscow. These tickets will only cost 100 roubles each, and considering that most seat prices are around 700 roubles, these are a bargain if you can face standing up for two acts of opera!

Theatre director Vladimir Urin said, “This summer we will be doing a range of work by removing some of the seats with bad visibility and create a ‘standing room only’ area”.

This is a great idea, as there are commonly seats in every theatre where the view to the stage isn’t that great, and when you’ve paid good money to see a stage as historic as the one at the Bolshoi Theatre, you don’t want a blocked view!

These tickets will be available after the summer, for the next season of opera at the Bolshoi!


Jade Mitchell-Ross is an English student, currently on an internship while studying Russian at Liden & Denz

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