Stereoleto Music Festival, this coming weekend!

Stereoleto Music Festival, this coming weekend!
07 July 2014

This weekend in Saint-Petersburg, on the Yelagin island, one of the of the most awaited musical appointments of Russia will take place: the Stereoleto Music Festival. Stereoleto in Russian means literally Stereo summer, and this international music festival, started in 2002, has gained year by year substantial critical acclaim and widespread popularity amid the Russian as well as the foreign public. Defined by the magazine Rolling Stones as the ‘New Season of the Year’, Stereoleto takes credit for gathering in in a unique atmosphere some of the most acclaimed Russian and international artists, as well as the new generation of promising musicians. The artists’ lineup for this 2014 edition is quite impressive and it features, most prominently:

Jaga Jazzist (jazz)

Buena Vista Social Club (latin jazz)

Midnight Juggernauts (alternative dance/synth pop)

Jenny Wilson (indie pop)

La femme (new wave)

Auktyon (Russian rock)

Samsara (Indie rock)

Aufgang (modern classical)

Proviant Audio (electronica)

As you can see, there is enough variety to match every taste. Other artists performing at the  festival are: Nina Karlsson, La Caravane Passe, Therr Maitz, Death Hawks, Наадя, Smokey Joe & The Kid, Malinen, Окуджав, Jupiter & Okwess, Interdeer Auroraw, Dakh Daughters, Giallo, Deep Winter, Mgzavrebi & Gishkovets, Joys Vougal, The Angelcy.

Tickets for the Stereoleto festival are sold at 1500 RUB (1 day pass, either 12/07 0r 13/07) or 2700 RUB (2 days pass). Not a bad price, if you consider what you are getting. To purchase the tickets or check the schedule of the festival:

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