Stirka Bar

Stirka Bar
29 December 2015

The name of this place is exactly Stirka 40º (Стирка 40º), which means wash at 40 degrees (known internationally as the ideal temperature to wash your clothes). The idea comes actually from Germany, where people, mostly students go to wash their clothes and meanwhile they wait for their laundry they can also drink coffee, tea, have a snack, use internet, read and chat.

The owner and designer of this art project is the German photographer originally from Berlin Anke Nowottne. The place has 3 washing machines and two driers; the fastest washing machine does the job in 35 minutes while the others take 55. The cost per laundry costs 100 rubles and you get a complementary tea pot or coffee, half liter of beer costs 50 rubles, the staff also speaks English and they have chess sets and cards available in the mean time your clothes are washing.

Most of the clients are foreign students but also local people frequent this bar, because is not far from the faculty of economy in the downtown; they have entertainment mostly on weekends and sometimes during the week. Most of the bands play rock; they also invite dj’s and single singers.

The bar is opened everyday from 9am to 11pm and weekends 10am to 1am or later. At the moment they don’t sell other alcoholic beverages stronger than beer. One of the most important things is that the place offers free wifi from 10 to 16 everyday.

This would be a good spot to check after school, or if you have seen most of the city’s attractions, you can check it on a Sunday to relax or do some homework or even better to practice your Russian.

Its location is in Kazanskaya street 26 (улица Казанская), not far from the tube station sadovaya (садовая). I’ll leave the website so you can check it

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