Student interview: Emanuel Hahne

Student interview: Emanuel Hahne
03 November 2023

This week, I sat down with one of our newest students at Liden and Denz, Riga, to find out more about why Russian should be the next language you learn, and why Riga is the place to do it. 

 A twenty-year old student from Sweden, Emanuel Hahne first became interested in learning the Russian language as a hobby, however it quickly became, in his words, ‘more or less my life’, as he plans to become a Russian language translator in the future. 

Why Liden and Denz, Riga?

“I chose Liden and Denz because of the accessibility and the location of the school.. I think having a school in the middle of the capital of a country is probably the best way to get a usage of the language”.

“The best thing about this school is that you can freely express yourself and you always get immediate feedback on what you need to improve and what you’re doing well…I feel like I get the feedback I need and the help I’m looking for. All the teachers are very kind and they strive to make the students improve and develop”.

What do you love best about Riga?

Emanuel confides that what he has enjoyed the most about Riga is the central location of the school and its proximity to everyday places such as museums, cafes and shops, where you can put your Russian language skills to good use! He also raves about the nightlife in Riga, extremely popular amongst us students, with nights out in the Old Town most Friday evenings. 

What is your advice for someone starting to learn Russian?

“My..advice for someone..starting to learn Russian today would probably be to not be afraid of using it in public”. Despite “the situation in the world right now, a lot of Russian speakers are willing to help you”. 

He also advises that “you should probably start learning Russian in the language school because the teachers always help you and Russian is such a widely spoken language, so you will always have someone to talk to”.

Darcie Peters is currently a student at Liden and Denz, Riga. 

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