Sushi Lovers watch out!

Sushi Lovers watch out!
20 September 2016

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You love Japanese food, especially sushi? Sankt Petersburg offers a lot of possibilities to get delicious sushi for a reasonable price. As a sushi fan, I discovered the last days some restaurants which are definitely recommendable.

If you already spent some time in Sankt Petersburg, you certainly have noticed some restaurants with a green sign, which says “Евразия”. Ewrasia is a Japanese restaurant chain, which offers delicious Japanese food, especially sushi. You find their stores at almost every corner in Sankt Petersburg. I already visited Ewrasia many times and ate sushi there. The menu is very, very comprehensive and they have a wide range of sushi. My favourites are the avocado and salmon sushi, I simply love it! As a dessert, it is also possible to get sweet sushi. Never heard of it? Me neither, so of course, I tried this too! Strawberries and bananas, together with cured cheese, are rolled in a pancake paste. It was delicious!
Another highlight of the restaurant is the customer card. With this card, you only pay the half of the price for a piece of sushi. Therefore it is perfect for sushi fans, because you safe a lot of money! Unfortunately, this card is not available at the restaurants. There are promoter at certain Metro stations, who give the card to the people who pass by, so you simply have to be lucky.

There are many other restaurants in Sankt Petersburg, which offers delicious sushi besides their other cuisine. For example restaurant “Moskva”, there you can get almost every kind of food. The menu contains Italian, International and also Japanese cuisine including sushi.
Another restaurant, where you can get delicious sushi is “Terassa”. It has almost the same offer as “Moskva”, but the prices are rather highly-priced. Both restaurants offer a gorgeous view, hence it would be worth it!


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