Thrifting in Riga

Thrifting in Riga
19 June 2023

The abundance of clothing thrift stores is hard to overlook in Riga. On the main streets of Centrs, one of the major commercial districts of Riga, multiple thrift stores are conveniently in close proximity with each other, making it very easy to go on a thrifting spree! Both locals and expats in Riga wholeheartedly embrace the joy of thrifting, making it a popular pastime. Note that thrifting options in Riga is more catered towards females, however. Here are the three most popular thrifting chains in Riga:


 1. Humana

Upon first glance, Humana stores exude a stylish charm that may deceive you into thinking they are anything but thrift shops. They have a great selection of clothes with a wide range of styles and prices for everyone. There are also specially designated Humana Vintage concept stores, which are worth a visit for a vintage twist on your fashion style! Every few weeks before the stores receive a new batch of second-hand clothes, Humana gradually decreases the maximum price for all its clothing items, with the final day presenting an incredible opportunity to snag bargains for as low as 0.50 euros. During this period, the stores are crowded with people looking for a great bargain, demonstrating how popular Humana is!


2. KiloMax

At KiloMax, prices are determined by the total weight of clothes instead of individual pieces. Prices for every unit weight of clothing decrease every day until the shops restock their racks with new items. The spacious stores are thoughtfully organized into specific categories, such as jean jackets, swimwear, shoes, and even skirts arranged by length. If you are looking for a particular clothing item, this makes it effortless to look for something that fits your preference.


3. Otra Elpa

Otra Elpa stands out from all the other thrift stores with their vision of contributing to society. In addition to all the benefits of thrifting, Otra Elpa’s unique point is that it is a charity thrift store, with proceeds going to funding good causes. For this reason alone, they are a beloved store in the city, and is a must-go for thrifting enthusiasts. Otra Elpa has a great selection of second-hand books, in addition to their clothing and shoes collection. 


All these thrift shop chains have numerous stores throughout Riga and other major cities in Latvia, with multiple right by Liden & Denz, making it very easy to go thrifting after class. I would definitely recommend checking them out and supporting them for a fashionable, sustainable and affordable addition to your closet. If you are an avid thrifter, remember to check the news of the thrift stores regularly in order to secure the best deals. In addition to the chains in this article, there are other smaller thrift shops throughout Riga, which anyone will find on a walk around the city. These are also popular: I’ve seen a long queue in front of a small thrift shop early in the morning the day the shop restocks with new items, even before the shop actually opens. 

Happy thrifting!


Yeap, currently studying Russian at Liden & Denz Riga

(Photo credits to the author)

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