Touchdown, Saint Petersburg!

Touchdown, Saint Petersburg!
06 September 2017

Приветor like we say in Austria: “Servus!”

My name is Philip and I’m the a intern for the next 3 months. But that’s not all. I am also here to guide you through your trips to Russia, especially Saint Petersburg, give you an insight at some interesting topics and some tips that might be helpful for your stay here.

I am currently in the last semester for my Bachelor’s degree in Austria at the University of applied sciences. My university is in Eisenstadt which is 25 minutes away from Vienna by car. Before I started studying International business relationship, I completed my apprenticeship as an office clerk.

In terms of my hobbies I’m a simple man: food, traveling and going to the gym are the things that mean the most to me in my leisure time. So, if you look at my picture you’ll see two of my three favourite activities.

This is not my first time in Russia. Last year I visited Saint Petersburg for 5 days and this year I stayed 3 weeks in Moscow at the dorm of the МГПУ university. I already had some basic with the Russian language through the courses at my university. Following my experience in Moscow I’m really looking forward to improving my Russian at Liden & Denz over the coming weeks. This language always fascinated me, because it unites all eastern European languages. Equally, I see huge potential for growth in the Russian economy.

My first impressions of this country and its inhabitants where quite funny, because the people here don’t seem very cheerful at first. But then I started to get in touch with some natives and I have to say that the people here may be cold and serious on the outside, but are very helpful, heart-warming and loyal on the inside.

My goals for the next 10 weeks are to get more in touch with the culture here, bonding new friendships and, as already mentioned, improving my language skills.

At the end of my welcome article I would like to show you a quote which has guided and will continue to guide me through all the good times and the bad:

“Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it.”

Have a nice day and catch ya’ later,


Posted by Philip Forstinger

Hello! I'm Philip, the new Austrian intern of Liden & Denz. The next few weeks I'll provide you some cool facts about Saint Petersburg and Russia itself. I hope you'll enjoy my blogs.

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