Travelling to Russia in 2023: Embrace the Adventure!

Travelling to Russia in 2023: Embrace the Adventure!
06 October 2023
Despite recent challenges, nothing can stop you from exploring the beautiful motherland of your beloved Russian language. We want to assure you that visiting Russia is still within your reach, and we’re here to provide you with all the necessary information for an amazing adventure ahead!

Exciting News – E-Visa!

Great news for all language enthusiasts! Starting from August 1st, 2023, Russia has introduced a convenient single-entry e-visa. This means that obtaining a visa has never been easier! If your home country is on the list published by the Consular Department of the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you are eligible for the e-visa. With a validity of 60 days and a stay of 16 days in Russia, you can embark on your Russian journey hassle-free. Just fill out the simple application on the government website or app, pay a fee of $40, and you’re all set! In case you plan to stay longer, Liden & Denz can assist you with either a regular 30-day tourist visa or a student one for up to 90 days – please plan the duration of your stay in advance, because a visa cannot be extended, once obtained.

Travelling from Europe? Check the Recommendations!

If you’re travelling from Europe, we recommend checking your country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs for specific recommendations. While some governments may highlight certain concerns related to the ongoing conflict, these precautions aim to ensure your safety and may also impact insurance coverage. It’s essential to stay informed and reach out to your Ministry of Foreign Affairs to understand the guidelines applicable to your country.

Travelling from the US? Stay Updated and Plan Ahead!

Similar advice applies to US travellers. The US government suggests staying informed about their level of assistance during times of crisis and encourages creating a contingency plan. Monitoring local and international media is also recommended to stay updated on recent developments. Currently, the US travel advisory for Russia is “Do not travel.” Keep in mind that this advice might affect insurance coverage and access to assistance, just like in Europe. However the current travel advice doesn’t to travel it actually mean that travel is dangerous or impossible; it means toy should be aware that consular support for American citizens may be limited due to closed/understaffed consulates/Embassy.

Convenience in Financial Matters and Seamless Transportation to Russia!

When it comes to financial transactions in Russia, it’s important to note that Visa and MasterCard do not operate due to sanctions. However, we have solutions to ensure a smooth experience for you. Instead of relying on your international credit card, we recommend bringing sufficient cash to exchange for rubles upon arrival. Keep in mind that exchange rates may vary from bank to bank, so it’s wise to research and compare rates beforehand. While the ruble’s value fluctuates, you can still manage your expenses effectively. 

Please be aware that Russian banks have become more discerning about the condition of banknotes. Minor damage might lead to refusal of acceptance. It’s essential to handle your cash with care. Additionally, note that there is a limit of 10,000 USD in cash that you can bring without declaring (the exchange rates of USD and EUR to Russian roubles are almost similar now). With a prepaid course and accommodation, 500-700 USD or EUR per month should be enough to cover the living expenses, such as transportation, meals and entertainments. Should you prefer an alternative to using cash inside Russia, set up a bank account on your arrival and put your cash in this account. The process is straightforward, and everything can be done conveniently online.

Now, let’s talk about transportation options. Despite the challenges, there are feasible routes for you to reach Russia. While some European countries have suspended commercial flights to Russia, there’s still a loophole that allows you to embark on your Russian adventure. One of the most common routes for Americans and Europeans is through Finland. If you can’t find a direct flight to Helsinki, consider connecting through Paris or Amsterdam. From Helsinki, you can easily take a bus to St. Petersburg, and the journey takes approximately 7 hours. This option is not only convenient but also cost-effective.

To save time, consider crossing the border between Narva in Estonia and Ivangorod. After flying to Tallinn, take a bus to Narva, cross the border on foot, and then take a taxi from Ivangorod to St. Petersburg. The taxi ride is currently priced at 70 EUR. Another economical journey is to fly to Gdansk in Poland and then take a bus to Kaliningrad. From there, you can catch a flight to Moscow or St. Petersburg. This route offers a great opportunity to explore multiple cities. Lastly, going through Istanbul, Serbia, or Dubai can be an option; however, it may come with slightly higher costs.

Whether you choose to travel by plane or bus, expect smooth and efficient border control procedures. While basic questions about your trip to Russia may be asked, it’s important to note that these measures are in place to ensure your safety and security. Previous travel stamps from Ukraine might be scrutinized, causing minor delays. Rest assured, our aim is to make your journey as comfortable as possible.

Don’t let challenging times dampen your enthusiasm for exploring Russia. With the necessary precautions and staying informed, you can confidently take a journey. Immerse yourself in the rich culture, beauty, and language of Russia. Create memories that will last a lifetime!

Safe travels and bon voyage!

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