Weekend Trip to Water Park Slides of Saint-Petersburg

Weekend Trip to Water Park Slides of Saint-Petersburg
04 July 2014

Hurray, it’s Friday, Water Park time!

With the weekend around the corner the topic of this post couldn’t have been anything else than a tip for your Saturday or Sunday. So, we all know that Saint-Petersburg is a real pearl of culture, art and history. With so many splendid sightseeing activities to be done in the city and in its immediate neighbourhood many of us wonder whether the time of our stay will suffice for all of them!  At the same time, you might once that you want to skip culture and go for some simple, straight-forward fun. Don’t worry Piter’s got that in da house too!

Ever heard of Aquapark Piterland?

Taking up over 180 thousand square meters, and being able to accomodate  2000 visitors at a time, Piterland is the biggest indoor water park in Russia, and one of the biggest in Europe. Yep, you’ve heard it right, it’s indoor, which means that needn’t worry about St. Petersburg typically volatile weather, and can plan the visit when it suits you best. The temperature inside the complex is regulated at 32 °c, with the temperature of the water set at 27 °c, comfortable even for those of us who always feel cold (I am looking at you, girls!). And if the sun does come out, it’s even better! The special film that covers the dome allows for the passage of both sunlight and UV rays, allowing you to get your heyihavebeenonholiday tan.

Here is a list of what you can find inside Piterland:

– 6 water slides, from 4,5 to 54 meters
– 6 pools (sport pool with 2 twenty-five meter lanes; wave pool; small pool; pool with a climbing wall; kids pool; aquarium pool)
– Hydro-massage baths (jakuzzi)
– Saunas (Finnish, Turkish, Russian)
– 5 bars: sushi, drinks, cocktails, fast-food
To reach Piterland there is a service free shuttle service departing every hour from metro stations Черная речка and Старая Деревня. For prices and more information, check the following link!
Alternatively, Waterville is another indoor water park in Saint-Petersburg:
Have a lovely weekend!

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