Zing Bar

10 October 2013

Zing Bar (Зинг Бар) is a new cocktail bar opened in 2012. It stands out in St. Petersburg for its wide selection of cocktails and its wicked soundtrack.

The bar has a young and stylish look: it is glossy and intimately lit, but you will always be able to distinguish other people’s faces. It is a very comfortable place where you can stay with your friends: the great chandeliers, the interior in wood and marble and the soft sofas will create a beautiful and friendly atmosphere for your evenings.

A great attraction of Zing Bar is its historically arranged menu: there are cocktails from the 19th century, the prohibitionist period, the 20th century and later, as well as local inventions. There is also a good selection of beer, wine, and desserts. In fact, the unusually wide selection and the cheap prices always attract a lot of people in the evening.

The bar was designed specifically for those who don’t want to sit in a noisy bar on Friday night: the music is cool but not loud, and unlike the majority of the bar in the city, Zing is completely non-smoking. Zing also organizes weekly projections of old Hollywood movies on Monday.

Zing Bar is on Ulitsa Lomonosova (Улица Ломоносова), near the bank of the river Fontanka (Набережная Реки Фонтанки) and Rubinshteina Ulitsa.

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