4 Russian Superstitions You Should Know About

4 Russian Superstitions You Should Know About
04 July 2024

Nowadays, every culture has its superstitions. From black cats to breaking mirrors, anyone has their perks. Likewise, that is often the case with Russians. Although idioms are also indicative of culture, there are also superstitions to consider. For instance, older generations are well known for passing down Russian superstitions. Nevertheless, that is why you should know the most common ones. Well, lucky you! The list below will certainly help you step on the right foot.


The odd and even number of flowers

Pretty unexpected is the habit of deciding between an odd and even number. This usually applies to flowers. Among Russians, it is very popular to offer bouquets on various occasions. From the first day of school to birthdays, it has become an essential item. But, be aware! During such occasions, it is the even number you may choose. Surprisingly, offering an odd number of flowers is usually reserved for funerals!


The table corner

Another interesting superstition is sitting at the table corner. It is among most cultures that marriage is often mentioned. That is also the case within Russian culture. According to this Russian superstition, you are advised to avoid the table corner. Especially if you are not married! The reason is very simple. It might ruin your marriage prospects in the future!


Laying on cold ground

This superstition might not be entirely surprising. If you ever find yourself on cold ground, you might want to reconsider! Otherwise, you might be susceptible to the outcomes of this famous Russian superstition. You might be familiar with not leaving your home with wet hair. Well, they have a lot in common! According to this belief, you will become infertile. But, this is not all! For some reason, it tends to only apply to women. 


Knocking on wood

An all time favorite is knocking on wood! This is not solely a Russian superstition, having managed to terrorize many countries up to this day. Similarly to Romania, Russians are scared of jinxing. In order to avoid bad omens, they have adopted this habit. Historically, people used this to avoid negative events from happening. Most commonly, Russians would knock three times on the nearest wooden object.

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