Audiovisual art at Palace Square

Audiovisual art at Palace Square
07 December 2016

This evening a special event will take place on Palace Square. The centuries old baroque facade of the Winter Palace will transform into the scene of an audiovisual art exposition. To celebrate the 252nd birthday of the Hermitage, a reportedly enchanting 3D light show will take place on Palace Square this evening from 18.00 to 22.00.

Two years ago, when the State Hermitage Museum existed 250 years, a comparable event took place. Russia’s significant historic events were projected on the facade of the Winter Palace, which, according to visitors that day, was very impressive. Now, two years later a very different audiovisual experience has been created, which, according to its organizers, will be  more colorful and expressive. The show will be accompanied with music of, among others, Sergey Prokofiev.

The display will be started every ten minutes, so visitors are free to come whenever they can between 18.00 and 22.00. Even better, the entrance is free. In case you are not able to come, not willing, or you missed the event: a video of the event will be posted on the Liden & Denz website tomorrow.
Besides, audiovisual art as a whole is a blooming niche in the cultural scene in Saint Petersburg. With the current technological means, the possibilities for creating a more involving experience of art increase. It becomes possible to not only be a viewer of a piece, but a part of it as well.

In Saint Petersburg, the studio of the audiovisual artistic collective TUNDRA is based near the Hermitage. The collective involves musicians, visual artists, sound engineers and programmers and has produced several audiovisual performances in the last years. A number of them took place in Saint Petersburg. In December 2014, they transformed the building of the First Cadets Corps – now reconstructed into study spaces for students of Saint Petersburg State University – into one of their exhibition rooms. Earlier that year, they used an industrial area on the outskirts of the city to expose their work. To get an impression of their work, they have their own website on which several videos of their former work are posted (

If you like what you see, they currently have an exposition on the first floor of shopping arcade Passage on Nevskiy Prospekt 48, which runs until the 7th of March.

Written by Ramon Wensink, currently studying at Liden & Denz Intercultural Institute of Languages, Saint Petersburg


Posted by Ramon Wensink

My name is Ramon and currently I study Russian at the Liden & Denz Institute in Saint Petersburg. During my stay in this marvelous city, I will try to inform and entertain you with various articles.

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