August 16: Riga City Day

16 August 2013

Though Liden & Denz will open its new language centre in Riga (Latvia) only in January next year, we already want to make you familiar with the city and its beauties. Today (August 16), Riga celebrates its city day with an yearly festival – “Rigas Svetki”. The most important celebrations are traditionally held on the city embankment and in Vermanes Park. However, the festive mood expands also out of the city centre, reaching the suburbs. The city festival goes on for three whole days, and includes concerts, artistic exhibitions, competitions and sport activities. At night-time, there is also a race called “Night OKarte race”, where many visitors and residents come together. The second day of the city festival is particularly funny, since there are Latin-American dance parties with professionals dancers from Argentina. This is the perfect time of the year to visit this beautiful city, and to do an experience of abroad study. Riga is particularly fit to host a new Russian school, since it is the only city outside Russia, Ukraine and Belarus with a vast majority of Russian speakers. It is also the largest city among the Baltic republics. You can read here more information about the opening of the new Liden & Denz language centre in Riga:

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