Ballet – what theatres in Piter offer us!

Ballet – what theatres in Piter offer us!
20 November 2014

If you love theatre and ballet, but you don’t have time to check the performance schedule up until Christmas holidays, you cannot miss this:  Here you will find a selection of the most interesting ballets which are scheduled during the next weeks at the most important theatres in St. Petersburg. Some of them, unfortunately, are already sold out, so I have not mentioned them on my list…

So, let’s start with the big one: Лебединое озеро (Swan Lake). It will be performed at Мариинский театр (Mariinskij Theatre) in November and in December, so you can choose among:
28th November, h. 19,00: only a few places are available, nd the starting price is 4800 rubles for the dress circle. Unfortunately, there is no special offer for students attending this production.
4th December, h. 19,00: if you are a student, just show your ISIC card and you can pay as low as 3000 rubles for stalls boxes, while a good place in the stalls will cost you only 3400 rubles. Full rates for those who do not have their ISIC card will be of course higher, so if you do not have it yet, just ask the reception at Liden & Denz, and the school staff will provide you with all the information about that!
For the performances on 16th December and 18th December, many tickets are still available, but hurry up, if you want to get the best place for the best price (2200 rubles for the 1st tier or 4000 rubles for the stalls)!

If you are lucky enough to stay in Piter till the end of December, you may consider seeing Щелкунчик (The Nutcracker), which will be performed both at the Мариинский театр and at the Михайловский театр (Mikaijovskij theatre). As it is during the Christmas holidays, many dates are already sold out, so here is what is still available at the moment:
Мариинский: Щелкунчик will be shown on 23rd December, h 19,30 as well as on 25th December, h 19,00 and on 28th December, h. 19,30. In any of these dates, there is still a few tickets still available, and prices are rather high (around 5000-6000 rubles for the stalls).
Михайловский: despite the many scheduled dates, tickets for Щелкунчик are still available only for 20th December, h. 19.00 and for 24th December, h. 19.00. In both cases tickets will cost a lot and no discount for students is possible. Anyway, at this theatre students are offered “Special Wednesday”: it means that one Wednesday a month students can buy any seat for 700 rub. Next student day will be 3rd December, playing opera Манон Леско (Manon Lescaut). Furthemore, students with ISIC card can also buy tickets in the day of performance with 50% discount, if, of course, there are any seats left.

If you are a literature lover, then you should not miss Анна Каренина (Anna Karenina), which will be performed at Мариинский театр on 25th and 26th November, h 19.00. In both cases tickets are still available at reasonable prices, between 2600 and 3000 rubles for students with ISIC card.

Other ballets that may be intersting for you are Драгоценности (Jewels) (Мариинский театр, 2nd and 29th Decemeber, h.19,30) and Короли танеа (Kings of Dance) (Михайловский, 5th and 7th December,   h. 19,00).

For further information you can visit the theatres websites: and Both of them provide an English version.

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