Museums in Moscow

18 March 2014

You’re spoilt for choice for museums in Moscow, but if you fancied something a little bit different from the standard art galleries and history museums, you’re in luck! Moscow also boasts museums that are a bit special, including a vodka museum (a necessary visit on any trip to Russia!) and a museum dedicated to arcade games from the Soviet era!

The Vodka Museum offers the chance to learn all about vodka: how it’s made, what it’s made of and why it’s so special in Russia. The museum boasts over 600 exhibits including various brands of vodka and vodka recipes from the 18th century! Don’t forget to take a look in the museum shop for some old school vodka posters and labels, as well as some actual vodka of course!

The Kremlin Armoury is one of the oldest museums in Moscow and is located in the Kremlin. The Armoury was in charge of producing, purchasing and storing weapons, jewellery and various household articles for the tsars. Today you can see weapons from various times in Russia’s history as well as visit the Diamond Fund for a truly glittery experience!

The Diamond Fund is a unique collection of gems, jewellery and of course diamonds! It’s located in the Kremlin Armoury building and showcases Peter the Great’s gem collection as well as those of all the succeeding monarchs. You can see Catherine II’s Imperial Crown as well as the ivory throne of Ivan the Terrible! You can only go in if you take part in the museum’s tour which is in Russian, so it’s good practice while looking at lovely, shiny things!

The Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines is a great new space full of old Soviet fun! You can play all the old games of the cold war and when you enter you get original Kopeck coins to play the machines with! Go hunting, shoot torpedos, drive cars, test your strength and enjoy a Soviet childhood for a few hours!

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