Cча́стье – pure luck near Isaac’s Cathedral

Cча́стье – pure luck near Isaac’s Cathedral
27 October 2016

Cча́стье – pure luck near Isaac’s Cathedral

Last week I discovered literally a piece of luck! Cча́стье (engl. luck) is a cute restaurant and café which offers lots of delicacies.


It is situated very close to Isaac’s Cathedral, so you will definitely notice it when you do sightseeing there. I think it is already a very popular place, because at the first time I wanted to go there it was completely full! So after a further visit at Isaac’s Cathedral, I tried it again and fortunately, I got a free table.


I very like the interior of the restaurant and the atmosphere. I think Saint Petersburg is full of cute restaurants with a “living room-atmosphere”. Cча́стье is definitely one of them. It is cosy, but it still has style and you simply feel comfortable!


As I already mentioned, you can get there a lot of delicacies which are not that ordinary. They offer special soups, meat and fish dishes and also tasty desserts.  I was there during the day, so the waitress told me that there are only the snacks, soups and salads available. But that was no problem for me, as I was not that hungry and rather preferred a little snack. So I decided to order a cauliflower soup and a chicken bagle. It was really delicious! The soup was creamy and the bagle was really huge and tasty, I didn’t expected that, because I’ve only seen small bagles before!

I can really recommend Cча́стье, as it offers delicious food and has a very convenient position, especially for people, who want to take a rest after visiting Isaac’s Cathedral. I think it it is also a very popular place for young people, a large part of the guests were about my age when I was there.


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