Discover St. Petersburg Museum of Circus Art

09 August 2013

Russia has always been famous for its circus art. Many theatrical and movie directors were inspired by the circus for their works. For instance, Vsevolod Meyerhold (Всеволод Мейерхольд) started his career at the circus, and Sergei Eisenstein (Сергей Эйзенштейн) used many circus tricks in his movies. So, it is no surprise that the first museum of circus art was opened in St. Petersburg, on August 9, 1928, and today marks its 85th anniversary.

The museum was created thanks to performers who gave away thousands of items for free. Its audio, video and photographic materials come from all around the world, not only Russia. The Museum of Circus Art (Музей Циркового Искусства) organizes a lot of exhibitions. They cover almost every circus genre, like clownery and equestrian circus.

The museum is located on the bank of Fontanka River (Набережная Реки Фонтанки), just a couple of minutes away from Liden & Denz. You should not miss the chance to know something about one of Russia’s finest arts.

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