В Питере Пить (Drinking in Saint Petersburg)

В Питере Пить (Drinking in Saint Petersburg)
30 June 2016

Weekend is around the corner so I thought I’d share some of my favorite bars with you that are worth a visit (none of them on Dumskaya.) For your convenience, they are grouped in one area of the center, all within crawling distance of each other. Pick your poison.

  1. Биргик – Beergeek

    Already described extensively here. A good place to start the evening, as it closes at 10 PM.

  2. Почта – Potchta

    Another basement bar, near the Beergeek, in which you can move on to the harder stuff: homemade vodka and my new favorite, Georgian Chacha, accompanied by the traditional buterbrody c shprotami – tinned fish on bread and mayo. (Note: it is highly recommended to eat something while taking shots, to avoid losing control and injuring oneself. Take it from me and any Russian)

  3. Пироги – Pirogi

    Yet another basement, but lighter and more lively: two rooms with DJs, an extensive food and drinks menu, and generally a nice atmosphere. This is a good place to go to with a large group of friends.

  4. Продукты – Produkty

    Across the Fontanka from Pirogi, Produkty is a small but trendy and friendly bar where they also play live music on weekends.

  5. Do Immigration Wine Bar

    For the classier types: this hard-to-find loft serves only wine, making it a great place to unwind with a friend or two in a cozy and quiet atmosphere.

  6. Хроники – Khroniki

    A word-play between “chronicles” and “chronics” (as in chronic alcoholics), this place, too, specializes in hard liquors and accompanying munchies. The bartenders tend to be standoffish with foreigners at first, but if you behave well and show that you can handle your liquor they will warm up to you (or maybe that was just my impression).

  7. Полторы Комнаты – Poltary Komnaty

    Around the corner from Khroniki. Great cocktail and snacks bar, friendly and easy-going. A good place to wind down at the end of the night.

(This article is brought to you by Esther – student and intern at Liden & Denz SPB)

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