Exciting Activities in Riga

Exciting Activities in Riga
05 June 2014

If you’ve done all the culture, seen all the museums, learnt all the history and tried all the Latvian food, fear not, as there’s still plenty to do in the Latvian capital!

Whether you’re after adrenaline rushes or relaxing afternoons, in winter or in summer, Riga has something to offer you.


Adrenaline junkies shouldn’t miss the change to unload live rounds in an old soviet nuclear bunker with an AK-47! Go by yourself or in groups, starting from around 40 euros.

If you’ve got the need for speed, try your hand at go-karting at the super fast indoor track just outside the city centre! Prices start from €40 for several laps zipping around the track in a high speed kart. Go pedal to the metal and try for fastest lap, or enjoy drifting into the corners and trying power slides!

Once you’ve done go-karting, the next step is rally driving! You can blast around the streets and sights of Riga, while taking on some interesting and very fun challenges, to fight for your place on the podium in the Russian Car Rally (from €38) or try Riga Off Road, where you learn to control a 4×4 vehicle in extreme conditions (from €45)! All driving experiences are available throughout the year, but be prepared that weather conditions may affect the experience.

If all of this simply isn’t enough of a rush for you, you can launch yourself out of a cable car for €50 at the Cable Car Bungee Jump experience. Fall head first through the air for 45m before being snapped back up again!


Enjoy the thrill of a real Olympic bobsleigh run, travelling up to 115kph on ice and experience up to 4G in the final corner! There are options available in both summer and winter, starting from €79.

Riga offers one of the best golf courses in the Baltic States, presenting a challenge for even seasoned players. With a variety of holes, the course is 6km long and 18 holes will cost you €80.

If golf is a bit too laid back for you, why not join in on some paintball! Set in a former Soviet army base, take command of your team and enjoy the exciting paintball action for just €35.

Something Special

To make your Latvian trip truly unique, why not enjoy a new adventure? You can go husky dog sledding for just €60, where you get to spend the day with these marvellous animals sledding through Latvia’s beautiful countryside. Learn how to take the reins yourself or just enjoy the tour of the natural world just outside the capital.

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