Explore Russia with Яндекс – Yandex

Explore Russia with Яндекс – Yandex
28 April 2016

Explore Russia with Яндекс – Yandex

Everybody who is planning to visit Moscow, or Russia in general, has to do just one thing: download Yandex app. It will save your life.
But, let’s starts from the beginning. Yandex is a Russian Internet company which operates the largest search engine to explore Russia. It is the 4th largest search engine in the world and the most popular website in Russia. But is used also in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Turkey.
It was launched in 1997 and initially the name Yandex stood for “Yet Another iNDEXer”.
In the course of time, the simple search engine had been improved more and more, adding new tasks such as Yandex.Fotki (free photo hosting),Yandex.Mail (email service that offers unlimited storage), Yandex.Maps, Yandex.Money (electronic payment service) and many others.
But the task most useful for foreigners who are learning Russian is Yandex.translate. When it was created, in 2011, the languages available were just three: Russian, English and Ukrainian. Now it can translate into 67 languages, single words, entire sentences and also long texts.
You can find the Yandex translator also in the app. It is free and available for devices based on iOS, Windows Phone and Android.
Yandex has an application for quite everything! If you are walking around Moscow and you need a taxi, you have just to open the Yandex.taxi app and in few minutes you can book an official taxi that will bring you wherever you want. There is also an app for the people who prefer to take the metro. Yandex.Metro helps to not to get lost in the complicated and confusing scheme of the metro stations. You have just to insert the starting point and the arrival point and Yandex will find the best route by metro. This service is available also for St Petersburg, Kiev, Minsk, Kharkov and Istanbul metro systems.
Those are the main Yandex’s tasks that every Russia explorer should know and use. I advice everybody to download the Yandex app because it will make your life in Russia easier!

До скорого!


This blog was brought to you by Elena, an intern and a student at Liden and Denz 

Posted by Elena Bianchini

Hi everyone! My name is Elena and I’m a young italian student actually based in Moscow. I just got my graduation in languages and economics. I can speak English, Russian and Spanish. I’m really interested into traveling and exploring new places. So I decided to spend four months in Russia, studying at the Liden & Denz Centre of Moscow, in order to improve my russian and reach a good level of speaking. In future I would like to work in the commercial sector connected with the russian market. Furthermore, I love every aspect of the russian culture and I would like to analyze it deeper. I’m really interested into the history and the traditions of this country. I’m here in Moscow just from one month and I’m already in love with this city!

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