Free art exhibitons – Бесплатные выставки

Free art exhibitons – Бесплатные выставки
29 December 2015

If you have been in Saint Petersburg before, I’m sure you have already visited most of the museums in the city, whether you are staying for long or not, I recommend you to visit some free exhibitions that might be interesting; most of them were opened in the end of November, others will open in the middle of the next week and its season finishes in the end of January.

In all of these expositions is shown the modern art from young artists, and as I wrote before the entrance is completely free (Бесплатно).

The Wrong is the first exhibition located in the studio LAMPA, not far from the tube station Pushkinskaya. It shows virtual and real spaces with an abstract meaning. This exhibition enhances around 500 young artists working together since 2013.

Муза должна работать (Muse must work), is the name of the second exhibition, which is a contests in its second consecutive year for young Russian artists who are just making their first steps into the art world. Almost near 400 master pieces from the participants artists were chosen. The opening will take place on 17th December at 5 pm in the art gallery Artmuza.

Another interesting exhibition is По ту сторону леса, which explains how the culture, economical and political aspects inflect in the society. This one it will finish on 20th January from 12 pm to 8 pm.

For you to get more information about the program and every art exhibition, I leave the website’s link below this article.

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